Have you ever felt that your content doesn’t have the reach you would like it to have, or that it does not receive likes and comments? The Achievement System comes to make your life easier.

The Achievement System is one of the latest features included in Instagram’s constant updates. However, this feature is not available for all users, you need to have a professional account. 

If you already have a professional account you just need to update your app to the latest version available (if auto-update isn’t on).

If you don’t have a professional account yet, we invite you to CLICK HERE to read an Instagram article about that topic. 

To find your Achievements, go to your Instagram app, then: 
  1. Jump on your Achievements by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right.
  2. Tap on Professional Dashboard. 
  3. Tap Achievements under Your Tools. 

Professional Dashboard

The achievement system is activated automatically on your professional account. In the Achievements tab, you will see the achievements that you have already achieved highlighted in color and those that have yet to be completed in gray tones.


Instagram’s achievement system offers milestones for creators based on specific actions and accomplishments, such as likes, reel plays, story views, followers, and post counts. In exchange for achieving these milestones, Instagram will reward us with greater exposure. 

How can I get the best of it?

We’re thrilled about these new Instagram features and we want you to be too! Let us guide you on how to make the most of them. 

The new algorithm that accompanies the Achievement System is designed to “reward” users who complete the most achievements. In the past, big accounts got all the attention. Today, even small accounts can reach large audiences if they are able to maintain these principles:

  • Consistency: It’s not about uploading a post or story every day, but about maintaining momentum. Your audience should receive a constant reminder that you are in business. 
  • Creativity: Creativity always rewards. Today more than ever, brands dare to create creative campaigns where the audience can actively participate. As long as you are genuine with your brand, you will be able to find inspiration on any topic and your audience will be happy to receive diverse content.
  • Interaction: Interaction matters on Instagram because it helps posts get seen by more people. When you like, comment, or share a post, it tells Instagram that the content is interesting. As a result, the platform shows it to more users, increasing its visibility and reach.


What tools can I use to keep the creative juice flowing? 

Are you a solo entrepreneur or do you have a small team that doesn’t allow you to pay for a community manager to care about your social networks? Or, you’re just burned out and can’t think of what to post? Don’t worry, there are tools designed to help you progress using the Instagram Achievements System:

  • Instagram Reel’s templates: From time to time, Instagram will give you recommendations to turn your stories and posts into a reel, thanks to pre-designed templates. Take advantage of this feature and get the most out of your content.
  • Canva templates: Canva is a website and app that allows you to access a large number of free templates for your media content. Whether you enter to look for inspiration or to use the available content, it is undoubtedly a tool that will make your work easier. Explore Canva free reels and templates here
  • AI ChatGPT: Among all the AI tools available, ChatGPT is one of the most used because it is easy and intuitive. Use it to get inspiration and to generate and correct texts. Be specific about what you need and the AI will do the rest. But be careful with copy/paste! Start chatting with OpenAI here

Instagram’s achievement system is still new and both the platform and users are still in the adaptation stage. We invite you to stay tuned to our next blogs, where we will continue to talk about this and other interesting topics. 

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