Stephanie Parra has an illustrious legacy of educational policy and advocacy in Arizona. She has been on the frontlines and in the boardroom creating and executing initiatives for students to receive the best possible education in the state. Stephanie is a powerhouse, and she is utilizing all of her talent, experience, and passion in her role as the Executive Director of ALL In Education.

Born in Yuma, Arizona, and then earning multiple degrees from Arizona State University and being elected to the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board, Stephanie has seen a lot in the world of education. Reflecting on her role at ALL In Education, Stephanie says, “I continue to be inspired by the resiliency of our community despite the challenges they have faced. We can achieve a great deal through a common goal in the state to rally behind the importance of supporting educational attainment to the most impacted groups, especially when it comes to the Latino community and their students.” She feels there is not only a moral imperative but also an economic imperative in helping close the opportunity gap for students of color in Arizona, which is reflected in ALL In Education’s efforts.

ALL In Education is a nonprofit created to ensure individuals from the communities most impacted by education inequities are the ones making decisions for all students. Their programs and initiatives are designed into five strategic pillars: Equity, Leadership, Power, Influence, and Policy.

ALL In Education operates by working closely with multiple educational stakeholders: parents who then influence their students, policymakers who then create and implement regulations that are inclusive and in service to ALL students, and donors who understand these programs and activities require funding to be fully executed if ALL students are to succeed.

ALL In Education programs include Parent Educator Academy, LISTO, Adelante, and MAPA, amongst others. The Parent Educator Academy works directly with passionate parents to train them with educational leaders to better prepare to advocate and improve their children’s education. These participants then become catalysts in their communities for other parents to become involved and educational activators.

Stephanie has been involved in every aspect of ALL In Education since assuming the leadership role in April 2020. She has scaled an educational organization from incubation to a full standalone organization, she is trained a staff, and met with countless donors to meet the annual operating and program budgets of ALL In Education. And while she’s inspired by all of the work, her greatest sense of accomplishment is the end result of ALL In Education’s programs. “I’ve worked with countless parents, but two stand out for me. One was a parent in San Luis, Arizona, who was so influenced by the trainings she became a full-time staff member at her child’s school. The other has a student with special needs who has shared with me she now sees herself as an advocate for her student. She’s become an educational champion.”

ALL In Education has a tremendous challenge: they are committed to ensuring Arizona is a place where no child is at risk of falling behind, where parents feel valued and supported, and most importantly, where ALL kids feel loved and honored in their classrooms. The best part, as Stephanie said, “ALL In Education has a place for everyone who cares deeply about education.”
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