By Marcelino Quiñonez

Samantha Lopez, founder/CEO of Bad Gal Beauty and Smnthas Kloset Boutique, is not only moving up in the business world, she is lashing into downtown Phoenix with her enterprise.

After opening her business in West Phoenix in July 2019, 2020’s pandemic forced her to close her doors and business for a couple of months. Rather than give up completely, she reflected deeply on her mission to empower others and build people’s self-esteem through her services and worked behind the scenes to move her business ventures into the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

Samantha is Master Lash Artist, Instructor, and Trainer. She says, “My love and passion for the beauty business started at a young age. I’ve always been interested in helping people feel good about themselves. It’s an indescribable feeling I get when a customer tells me that they love their lashes.” Samantha’s commitment is not only to her customers, “It’s been equally satisfying if not more, to see my team grow and become better themselves. One of my main objectives as a business owner is to ensure that I create a healthy and enjoyable work environment for my team. But the most important factor is to make sure that there is a fair living wage for them. That they also feel a sense of pride working at Bad Gal Beauty.” Not bad for a young woman boss in her early 20’s.

Samantha comes from a long linage of business entrepreneurs in The Valley. Her grandparents owned and operated an upholstery business and her mother, Rosa Cardenas, is a renowned Fashion Stylist and owner of BLUSH Boutique. She credits their example and the lessons she grew up learning from them for her success. “I’ve seen my family get up early, get to work on their own terms and make a living not only for themselves but for their employees. I learned from them I too could make my dreams come true.”

Bad Gal Beauty offers an array of lash services to make all of their clients look and feel beautiful. Additionally, they have a line of lash supplies, tweezers, glue, and they teach others to do lash extensions. And once done, her customers from around The Valley can peruse Smnthas Kloset Boutique to walk out with the latest fashion clothes and accessories. It’s a one-stop-shop to experience and manifest beauty.

“Every day, I feel truly blessed to have found an industry that I love. I am happiest when I am lashing and couldn’t imagine my life without it. My obsession with lashes and the business itself makes me want to share this passion with those that love it too.” We are all better because Samantha is lashing out.

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