High performers need to renew and refresh. They live at an overwhelming daily fast pace most of the year, and suddenly, they experience slow months such as summertime. High performers must indeed use the opportunity to take a well-deserved vacation. However, it is essential to use the slow months to renew and refresh our connection to our business. That is why we are posting Six Recommendations to Renew and Refresh for High Performers During the Slow Months.

We need to make space for some pushed-aside activities that bring improvement opportunities.

“Who does feel the pressure of work most of the year?” said Novle, Community Activators CEO Carlos Velasco. “I do. And when the summertime arrives, we feel a little confused. I want to motivate you to use your slower-moving months to do stuff you usually don’t have time for.”

Renew and Refresh

Renew and refresh your business in Summertime

Here are Six Recommendations for High Performers During Slow Months

1.-Bond with you team

Have a social event with your team members to get to know them personally, such as their families, interests, and hobbies. Seek a casual environment to start these conversations to change the mood. It could be a simple potluck at a park, a more elaborated retreat, or a happy hour after work. Your informal connections with your team members will bring an extra positive dimension to your relationship that will increase the bonds of the team.

2.-Spend time with the family

Family is everything. Family is why we work so hard to afford comforts, educational opportunities, and better life than what we had.

Downtime is a great time to connect with family members and significant others. Exploring new places near or far creates memories. Take the opportunity to have unstructured leisure time to experience new landscapes with your loved ones.

3.-Complete boring tasks

Some tasks are unavoidable and tedious. Summertime is perfect for catching up, including preparing for tax season with better management of your financials. Getting this tedious work out of the way will clear your desk, give you time to focus on your company’s operations, and have all information ready to apply for grants, awards, or just to be prepared for tax season.

4.- Organize things

Organizing information in electronic or hard copy form is an important task that cannot be sidestepped.

Create, update and execute a retention policy for the documents and information created by your business. These policies will guide the organization of your office and the destruction of some material, especially when you manage sensitive information.

Ensure your clients understand how long you store client-related information and when your company destroys it. Consider posting your policies on your terms of service.

5.-Reconnect with your mission

A mission statement is a short explanation of your business’s reason for existence. It describes the organization’s purpose and communicates the company’s direction to employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholders.

We trust you have developed your company’s Mission which will be your business guiding light. Take this slow summertime to reflect on how your business activities reinforce and reflect on your commitment to your community.

6.-Read that book

Summertime is a great time to read for leisure and infuse yourself with inspiration and ideas.

Pick up that motivational book you have been wanting to finish and get some good tips that can improve your business operations or the management of your team.

Use that time on the beach to crack-open the book that you had put aside for lack of time.

With these recommendations, we are sure you will start the busy season renewed and refreshed, with more energy to take your work to the next level.


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