Tiffany & Bosco

Tiffany Bosco

Novle solidified the Tiffany & Bosco brand across the many sectors of our community by focusing on strategic partnerships and connections with Latino business leaders. We established long-term relationships and referral businesses for the organization through our community partners and grassroots activations.


“The experience of working with Novle has been amazing. It’s something that I actually cherish in a way where it goes beyond a professional relationship. It’s something where we understand each other to the extent that they know what my goals are and what I’m trying to accomplish. For others that are looking to work with the Latino/Hispanic community, one thing that I know is true is that you want to find someone that knows the community, comes from the community, has a passion for the community, and understands how to genuinely make a connection on a human level in a way that nobody else knows how to. Novle is your bridge to the Latino/Hispanic Community.” 

Marcos Tapia
Stakeholder at Tiffany & Bosco