Because communities are central to his vision, Carlos Velasco, Novle CEO and founder was ready to be part of the Arizona delegation with the US Global Leadership Coalition and speak to Congresspersons in Washington about essential issues that impact our communities.

“We are happy Luke Wenz invited us to be part of the Impact Forum with the Arizona Delegation and advocate for a strong international affairs budget in Washington,” said Carlos.

What is the US Global Leadership Coalition?

The USGLC is an organization that works across the country to strengthen America’s civilian-led tools — development, diplomacy, and defense advocating for a strong International Affairs Budget.

 The USGLC works to make the USA international affairs programs a keystone of US foreign policy.

Present and former members of Congress and every living secretary of state are part of the USGLC advisory board.

“To be able to participate in these important community activations and contribute to these important causes in Washington, DC was a great honor.” Carlos Velasco, Novle CEO

The USGLC involved Novle and its founder Carlos Velasco because they are regarded as key influencers in the Arizona Latinx community who can drive consensus and bipartisan support for policies that improve the lives of all Arizonans and Americans.

Global Sustainable Recovery at the Top of the Agenda

Among the specific topics discussed in the Impact Forum were the importance of sustainable recovery investment and clean energy for the USA and around the globe.

There was consensus that the global pandemic brought many challenges and opportunities. Still, a lot of work needs to be done. “Failure to vaccinate communities in developing counties could cost the global economy $5.3 trillion over the next five years. With half of US exports going to the developing world, America’s economic future is directly tied to the recovery of emerging markets,” said Carlos in a LinkedIn post.

Carlos Velasco advocating with USGLC in Washignton

Carlos Velasco with Noble joins the US Global Leadership Coalition to advocate for a robust international affairs program that seeks sustainable and clean global solutions.

 The Impact Forum noted that Arizona is leading in clean energy and environmental sustainability.

DACA Advocacy at the Center of our Community Issues

In addition to the USGLC agenda, Carlos advocated in Washington for two issues that are very important for Arizonans, the fate of DACA recipients and the local investment in renewable energies.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a United States immigration administrative policy that allows some undocumented individuals brought to the country as children to get a reprieve from deportation.

Carlos Velasco advocating with DACA

Novle’s CEO joins the American Business Immigration Coalition to advocate for DACA during the 10th anniversary of the Program.

 DACA recipients receive a two-year renewable period of deferred action from deportation and become eligible for an employment authorization document or work permit.

Those eligible for the program cannot have felonies or serious misdemeanors on their records. 

Unlike the proposed DREAM Act, DACA does not provide a path to citizenship for recipients. The DACA administrative policy was announced in June 2012 by then-President Barack Obama.

“The DACA issue is so close to our hearts. So many of these talented individuals who are part of the program are leaders in Arizona and the USA. It is an honor to speak to Congresspersons and US Senators on the importance of providing a path to legalization, away from the legal limbo they experience. We made lawmakers aware that our state will be voting on Prop. 308, which will allow Arizona DREAMers to pay in-state tuition regardless of immigration status,” said Carlos.

Research has shown that implementing the DACA program increased the wages and employment status of DACA-eligible immigrants and improved the mental health outcomes for DACA participants and their children.

Carlos Velasco and others visit Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick in her office in Washington, DC.

Research also suggests it reduced the number of undocumented immigrant households living in poverty.

“I am grateful to Carlos Alfaro with the American Business Immigration Coalition for the opportunity to continue to advocate for our dreamer community,” said Carlos. “We need to stop wasting talented high schoolers who grew up among us and cannot afford the mark-up of out-of-state tuition. We need to clear the way of educational access to fully incorporate these young individuals into our businesses and the economy.” 

This DACA advocacy in Washington coincided with the ten anniversary of the announcement of the policy this past June 15th.

Looking into the Future

Novle is a marketing and PR agency that looks into the future and has the strong support of Arizona Latinx business, community, and leaders. “We know we need to allow young talented individuals to integrate into our businesses and communities to seek a more sustainable future based on clean energy. There are many of them already working on environmental justice, and we advocate that our young DACA participate in full force to solve these challenges,” said Carlos.

 “To be able to participate in these important community activations and contribute to these important causes in Washington, DC was a great honor,” said Carlos. “It was a great week!”


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