Nova® Home Loans, Arizona’s largest private mortgage lender and one of the most respected mortgage companies in the community, will announce a partnership with Novle, Community Activators, and the creation of the Arrowhead initiative during a stakeholder’s reception on Thursday, August the 18th, at 5:30 pm.

The location for the event is 435 S. 3rd. Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85003.

You can register following this link.

Nova Home Loans

Nova, Home Loans, will announce a partnership with Novle, Community Activators, to increase their brand impact with the LatinX community.

“We are extending the invitation for an evening amongst stakeholders and industry leaders to learn how you and your organization can become involved and benefit from Nova Home Loans’ newest Latino community initiative,” said Novle, Community Activators CEO Carlos Velasco. “We are happy to start a partnership with Nova® Home Loans to help them in their need to grow their brand impact within the LartinX community.

The Nova Home Loans Initiative Launch will gather stakeholders from Novle’s network of leaders. This group includes business owners, elected officials, artists, activists, community leaders, and others who help shape our LatinX community in the Phoenix metro area.

The Growing Power of Latino Homeowners

Access to financial and lending services is essential for our young LatinX community.
Arizona adds Latinx homeowners faster than any other state in the nation. It is estimated that between 2020 and 2040, 70% of new homeowners will be LatinX. These statistics also show the Hispanic community in Arizona is investing and contributing to higher homeownership and wealth creation.

Looking at the growing importance of the LatinX home ownership in Arizona is vital to know the resources the community has access to.

NOVA® Home Loans currently has twenty offices throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada. In addition, Nova is licensed to originate loans in another eleven states and works on helping borrowers achieve their homeownership goals. Nova Home Loans leaders are Chairman Jon Volpe and CEO Ryan Vondrak, who, along with an exceptional management team, offers the efficiency of a bank but the flexibility of a broker, allowing a better lending experience.

Nova, Home Loans, Supporting the Community

Nova Home Loans is also a great partner for the community. The company leaders and employees support outstanding initiatives and agencies that bring services to our community, such as “Miracle en el Barrio” in Tucson, Boys and Girls Club in Arizona, Nevada, and California, and Save the Family Foundation, among others.

“We are happy to share new opportunities available for all. We know our community is young and growing fast. The need for financial and lending services is at the top of our list. We want our stakeholders to be the conduits for these new initiatives and a connection with great lenders such as Nova®, Home Loans,” said Carlos Velasco. “Do not miss the event.”

What is Novle?

Novle is a new kind of marketing and PR firm.
We help brands build an authentic relationship with the Latino Community. We connect and facilitate a meaningful relationship with the community through a LatinX-friendly marketing strategy and relational maps. Follow us at