After more than 17 years in the Escrow Industry, having achieved recognition as a leader and manager, Nohemi Medina-Velasco decided to join Novle, Community Activators.

It is a natural move since she has lived through this innovative agency’s conception, birth, and growth. Nohemi is Carlos Velasco’s beloved wife and, as such, the confidante of his dreams.

A Career to the Top

As an escrow officer, Nohemi was responsible for processing and finalizing real estate transactions, working closely with industry partners including real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and private investors. Her job was to ensure the agreement details had been satisfied, legal paperwork completed and escrow funds disbursed once the transaction was closed.

“I’m ready for the next adventure in our lives and professional partnership. I’m grateful the stars have aligned to make this dream come true.” Nohemi Medina-Velasco

It is a delicate job that requires attention to detail, dedication, and the alignment of all the moving parts. Moreover, Nohemi led as a branch manager overseeing transactions from other escrow officers, earning her multiple awards and recognitions, a true leader in her field.

Nohemi Medina-Velasco. Novle.

Nohemi Medina-Velasco. Novle Vice President.

More talent for Novle

Nohemi will bring meticulous dedication to Novle as Vice-President, focusing on the agency’s operations.

“Nohemi is not only a great professional but my life partner,” said Carlos Velasco, Novle founder, and CEO. “She understands the community we serve and knows in-depth our connection-oriented philosophy. We are all excited at Novle for her incorporation into our day-to-day operations.”

“She knows that Novle is more than a marketing agency,” said Carlos. “We thrive with the connections we make and dutifully share with our clients and partners. These connectivities with stakeholders in the community empower our clients’ brands, and it takes them closer to the Latinx market in a powerful way.”

“I’m so excited to join the amazing group of professionals and my husband at NOVLE, said Nohemi Medina-Velasco. “I’m ready for the next adventure in our lives and professional partnership. I’m grateful the stars have aligned to make this dream come true,” said Nohemi.

“Nohemi is a true stakeholder. She has been involved in the community all her professional life. Her input and vision are a welcome addition to the team,” said Carlos Velasco. “We are excited for what’s to come!”

What is Novle

Novle is more than a marketing agency; it is a path into a community’s culture and daily integration. More than ‘a sale’ or a business transaction, Novle believes in being a good community partner with those it serves.