As a committed advocate for the community, the National Bank of Arizona takes small businesses seriously. They know that running a business is a challenge. Therefore, the bank offers a Small Business Diversity Banking Program, which brings greater access to capital for minority business owners, with expert bankers knowledgeable of the community.

National Bank of Arizona and Novle, community activators, are seeking to educate, connect and empower minority small businesses. They seek to build a solid business banking relationship through Small Business Minority Banking Program, offering a series of community networking and workshop events.

Elevate Arizona Next Event

The next event, titled Elevate Your Business with the Small Business Diversity Banking Program, will take place on Thursday, April the 14th, from 8:00 to 10:00 am at NBAZ’s Conference Center, located at 6001 N. 24th Street, building C in Phoenix, Arizona, 85016. 

Fair Trade Cafe owner, Stephanie Vazquez; Integrative Medicine Principal, Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard DNP; President and Owner of Zaniya Pro-Clean, Troi Waln; Partner of Aceso Capital, David Carrizosa; and National Bank of Arizona executive Vice President of Multicultural Banking, Marcos Garay will participate on the Elevate Business panel. They will all share their experiences and the importance of establishing solid bank relationships and contacts.

The schedule for the event will be:

8:00- 8:30 am- Registration/check-in

8:45 -9:30 am – Panel discussion with Q&A

9:30-10:00 am – Presentation

Who is the National Bank of Arizona?

National Bank of Arizona is a leading Arizona-based community bank, a member of the Zions Bancorp network.  

It is one of the very few banks in the country with a Small Business Diversity Banking Program, focusing on women-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned businesses.  

“We want to be known as the go-to bank for diverse, small business communities,” said Marcos Garay, Executive Vice-president and Director of Multicultural Banking. “Many banks are not focused on minority small business owners, while we at National Bank of Arizona value these relationships and go the extra distance to serve them by focusing on relationships.”  

Upcoming Workshop Purpose

Our event aims to build relationships between our bank and diverse small business owners. We want to assist them with the necessary financial literacy tools, increasing their chances of accessing capital and other banking products. These workshops will be held quarterly and provide small business owners with the opportunity to meet business bankers and discuss how the bank can serve them to meet their financial goals”, said Mr. Garay. 

“Small businesses are each different and unique. We understand this, and by starting a dialogue, we will better understand and help businesses become more financially knowledgeable and help solve some of their financial needs,” continued Mr. Marcos Garay.

Partnership with Novle

“Our partnership with Novle is valued and much appreciated. This is an important partnership for us. Knowing how wide and deep NOVLE’s roots are in the community allows us both to share our passion and assist small business owners within the community,” concluded Mr. Garay.

“These connections are important to small business owners,” said Carlos Velasco, Novle CEO. “Often, entrepreneurs do not take time to establish a relationship with a bank and its personnel. Therefore they may be missing programs or products that can help them grow. At Novle, we work to facilitate these relationships, introducing bank executives to hardworking business owners. Novle is proud to provide a platform that builds meaningful relationships.” 

We are Novle

Novle is a new kind of marketing and PR firm.

We help brands build an authentic relationship with the Latino Community. We connect and facilitate a meaningful relationship with the community through a Latino-friendly marketing strategy and relational maps.

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