By Marcelino Quiñonez

Business is personal to Marcos Garay and the entire team at National Bank of Arizona (NBAZ). Banking to NBAZ is about relationships and helping business leaders and business owners with the right financial solutions to meet their financial goals. It is about speaking a language where the mind and heart are aligned with pursuing financial prosperity and opportunities that permit a community to thrive. The work of NBAZ walks the talk with long-lasting relationships that build bridges for others to prosper. More than statistics and metrics, which they have plenty to show, their impact is measured in real stories from their small business clients.

In 2020 when a global pandemic was ravaging small Latino businesses from making their next move because they lacked a home bank, NBAZ opened its doors to them and made them feel at home. They extended and processed PPP loans to new customers who had previously been rejected in other places because NBAZ believes in providing Arizona businesses with resources and opportunities. When one DREAMer in the Phoenix Valley faced financial and other obstacles but remained committed to her future and personal growth, NBAZ stepped in with a much-needed loan when other banks were unable or unwilling to do so, opening the door to other small businesses like hers. Banking for NBAZ is not about shutting doors; it is about making a plan and providing financial solutions in order to make it all happen.

With an eye towards the future and as a father of a daughter, Marcos is proud of the work National Bank of Arizona does to support women business leaders in Arizona. “Our entire bank is a proven supporter of women taking greater roles in the financial world. We support groups and organizations within the community that promote women-led businesses; there is nothing more important than that, and it is imperative for the playing field to be balanced between men and women leaders. We place the highest value on those efforts and are always looking at different avenues to enable our clients to build capital.”

And while many might be surprised a bank would put people first, National Bank of Arizona calls that banking. Banking that goes beyond numbers, statistics, and data and makes it all personal.
Mark Young, National Bank of Arizona CEO & President, says, “In 1984, National Bank of Arizona was founded on the mission to build local relationships and deliver exceptional customer service. More than 30 years later, our approach has not changed.” NBAZ’s banking model has not changed, and their banking approach and impact has visibly changed the lives of many.