The wave of the Hispanic market is already here. 

Currently, Hispanics in the US are 62.57 million, or 18.9% of the population. By 2060, 27.5% of the US population will be of Hispanic origin. According to the Instituto Cervantes, the US will be “the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking country”

Here are some more facts:

  • Mexico has the most Spanish speakers in the world, with 110 million
  • Colombia is second in line
  • The USA is tied with Argentina at about 41 million
  • The Americas are home to around 470 million Spanish speakers

The Latino market is a force to be reckoned with. Hispanics are playing an essential role in US business success. Savvy marketing professionals already know the importance of the Hispanic-Latino market in today’s economy. Powerful, inclusive marketing strategies beyond translation are necessary to build brand recognition and success.

Integrating to Hispanic Market is essential

Integrating into the community’s cultural spaces is essential for appealing to the valuable and unstoppable Hispanic Market.

Because this community is too important to miss, here are five ways to appeal to the valuable Hispanic Market:

1.-Enter the Culture

Live the culture, some of the language, the music, and the cuisine. Immersing yourself in Latinidad to produce better messages is paramount. This exercise can be not only enlightening and engaging but fun. You’ll need to come from a sincere appreciation of culture. We know that as an outsider, in the beginning, it can be hard to connect with a tight-knit group such as the Latino community.  However, going to cultural events and actually taking the time to build relationships will show your commitment.

The relationships created are golden.

Hispanics are about community. Make efforts to create safe community spaces for Hispanics. Research the lives, aspirations, and customs of the community.  Integrate into cultural events, and create spaces for integration. Try to find intangible assets from the encounter with the culture and be ready to learn continuously. 

2.-Analyze the Data

Read and understand the statistics about the Hispanic community. Why should your business analyze the data about the community?  Here are some good reasons:

  • Appreciate the transformational and unstoppable force it is. 
  • Realize that the Hispanic market comprises primarily young people with a median age of 29 years old, with 47% of the market less than 18 years old. 
  • Follow economic trends and learn that the power of the Latinos resides in their work ethic, which often translates into increasing numbers of home ownership and investment in new businesses. 
  • Learn that the community is connected and use apps and social media to communicate. 

When you see and embrace the Latino community, you can better understand how the economic indicators translate and how this impacts your marketing efforts.


Your company’s integrity, brand values, and customer data protection are priorities over using Google translate.


3.-Go Beyond Google Translate

Translating alone isn’t enough. Integration with culture is more important than using Spanish words. 

Recognize the complexities of the use of language for Latinos in the USA.

Some Latinos speak only English, others are bilingual, and some can manage several languages. To make the matter more interesting, countries in Latin America have indigenous populations with distinct languages and dialects. Many of those communities are closer to you in the USA than you may think. Moreover, consider the different accents and language particularities of the cultures from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, etc. This variety also makes evident the richness and complexity of the market.

If your marketing campaign requires translating content into Spanish, do not cut corners (or expenses) translating with Google translate. We immediately realize when content needs to be adequately translated.

Hire a competent translation agency or Hispanic-centric marketing agency to convey the right message.

Refrain from letting broad assumptions backfire on your marketing efforts. 

4.-Utilize New and Traditional Marketing Tools

New business owners like to use social media in their marketing strategies, which is perfectly fine. However, we must also consider that marketing in local Hispanic newspapers and radio and TV stations is relevant. Networking and social media can also boost those messages. 

Include diverse media to target different age demographic. Combine your data knowledge with demographic analysis on other media to send a compelling message. Remember that the Latino Market connects to diverse channels.


“88% of digital-using Hispanics pay attention to online ads that include aspects of their culture—regardless of the ad’s language” – Google Hispanic Marketing Forum.


5.-Connecting and Activating the Hispanic Market

Connect with the Hispanic community to appreciate the culture while showing respect and honesty. Seek meaningful profitability instead of a naked sales pitch. Stick to being original and authentic and avoid condescension. Do your best to activate connections.

Here are some concrete ideas:

  • Activate Hispanic-Latino community partnerships.
  • Celebrate Hispanic holidays in your workplace
  • Ask questions to Latinx stakeholders about the meaning and history of the cultural celebrations
  • Participate in networking events that are Latin-centric
  • Train your staff about cultural diversity and sensitivity issues 

In conclusion, marketers of Hispanic and Latinx communities must enter the challenges of Hispanic marketing with a sense of authenticity and respect. Your audiences will appreciate your incursion into marketing for cultural inclusion and appreciation, not just for a sales pitch. If you work hard and learn to participate in the cultural spaces of the Latinx communities, you will find your engagements not only productive but enriching. 


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