Edgar Amaya makes connections through dance. He sees every day how his entrepreneurship as a business owner provides a setting to connect, bringing dance, art, and cultural expression to the equation.

Edgar is the owner of Rumba Dance Studio, an event company, and a dance company.

The Human Element Series

Mr. Amaya will be Novle’s next speaker with the unfiltered series “The Power of The Human Element,” which explores the human side of creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in our communities in a casual and informal interview format.

This next presentation will be via Live Stream on Facebook and Instagram Wednesday, March the 30th at 9:00 am.

The Origin of a Dream

Edgar Amaya is from Galveston County, Texas. His hometown is part of the Houston metro area.

“My parents are both Latino. My father is Honduran, and my mother is Mexican. I’m an Afro-Latino and American living in the United States. I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station and began my career in Management with Amazon in 2015.”

However, the job at Amazon was not connecting him with his real passion.

“I’ve danced with my mom all my life and started to train seriously after college. After some time, I began my career as a dance instructor and a team director,” said Edgar.

Edgar’s dance journey took him on a path to entrepreneurship and business ownership.

“I am now the owner of several dance ventures. My studio is called Rumba Dance Studio, and my dance company’s name is Que Candela Dance Company.”

Like many entrepreneurs, his business goes beyond the offering of a service.

The Art of Connecting Through Dance and Entrepreneurship

“I dance for a living, and I focus my work to inspire the next generation of dancers and leaders in our community. Dancing is more than an Art form. I believe that dance is a way for people to connect and spread cultural awareness and love,” said Edgar.

“Edgar Amaya’s vision is unique,” Says Carlos Velasco, Novle’s CEO. “He uses his talents as a dancer and business owner to provide multiple spaces for people to experiment with cultural expression. It also goes beyond that, bringing together people of different backgrounds to find a shared space to connect through art and dance.”

Edgar explains the impact he seeks with his ventures.

“I started my studio, my event company, and my dance company because it’s a middle ground for people of different backgrounds and walks of life to meet and connect. I sincerely believe the shared experience will leave a bigger impact on their future,” concluded Edgar Amaya.

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