What are community activators? They are an organization or individuals that help to build vibrant communities and drive them forward. A community activator engages diverse members to participate, integrate, work to build relationships, build trust within the community, participate in, facilitate engagement activities, and lead community power.

The organic collection of persons, organizations and businesses with similar purposes or common interests creating meaningful interactions brings opportunities, supports us, and uplifts everybody. People benefit, and brand owners and companies can gain from the community and intelligent activations to help brands in their marketing strategies.

The community activations approach is an innovative way of marketing and advertising: To leverage the power of the individuals who are members of the community and activate their voices to create brand communities and more activations.

Community Activators

Innovative ways of Marketing emphasize the creation of brand communities through community activations in physical and online spaces.

Facilitating Community by Activations

We at Novle put these important concepts to our work as innovative marketing and advertising agency that seeks to position your brand above everybody else. We are rethinking marketing and advertising into activations to create communities for your brands.

Getting rid of the transactional ways of doing marketing propels brands into meaningful profitability spaces. By creating brand awareness through community activations, agencies enable clients to develop more profound meaning and value for their brand.

With this vision, persons belong to brand communities, creating physical and virtual spaces, sharing the brand with others, and becoming more than clients but adopters, partners, evangelizers, promoters, advocates, and defenders.

Peloton as a Brand Community

There are exciting examples of brand communities that have activations at their core.

Peloton’s marketing strategies are geared toward creating a community. Peloton does not want to be known as a fitness business but as a health and wellness brand. Its marketing strategy is tied to developing and promoting a community that interacts with brand leaders and instructors.

The company wants to reach its users through organic interactions among users via electronic spaces and social media. “We want to make sure that we reflect the communities that we serve,” said Peloton’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dara Treseder.

The company provides a social media space for interaction that collects the input for their products, so it reflects better the people they serve.

There are more examples of companies using the creation of brand communities. Among the most notable are Harley Davison, Apple computers, LEGO, etc. 


Novle Innovates Marketing Through Community Activators

At Novle, we value and understand the Hispanic market and the importance of community. We encourage the activation of the public to interact with our client’s brand and provide meaningful interactions. Some interactions happen face-to-face in public networking events. Some interactions occur using social media spaces. We appreciate community members as transformative leaders who contribute to our client’s brand.

Our objective is to activate spaces for our brand owners to connect and create long-lasting relationships, so they also transform the concept of clients into community brand members and activators with valuable voices to be heard.

The future of brand marketing is now.


Novle can help your business to create community activations for your brands that bring meaningful profitability to your bottom line. Subscribe to our mailing list for updated community activations, or contact us directly HERE.