Thanks to Ballet Arizona, Juan Gabriel Ballet will be presented from May 5th through the 8th at Symphony Hall in Phoenix. Juan Gabriel wrote and performed some of the most passionate and catchy songs in Spanish. Now, the music and lyrics of “El Divo de Juarez” will come alive with the elegance of the ballet, like never before. 

Buy tickets to enjoy the World Premiere of Juan Gabriel Ballet following this link.

Under the artistic direction of Ib Andersen, Ballet Arizona is an innovative professional ballet company that performs classic and contemporary ballet. The company is dedicated to preserving and celebrating classical dance while creating creative works.

Juan Gabriel Ballet Arizona

Juan Gabriel Ballet. World Premiere by Ballet Arizona. May 5th -8th.

This commitment to innovation has attracted Ballet Arizona to incorporate the music and lyrics of legendary Juan Gabriel into ballet form, creating something unique and exciting.

Mexico City-based designer and fashion house, Carla Fernández is in charge of the vibrant costumes which preserve and revitalize the textile legacy of indigenous and mestizo communities of Mexico. The costume designs maintain a passion for sustainability and equity through manual methods of production. Carla brings a vision to prove that ethical fashion can be innovative, avant-garde, and progressive.

This exciting combination of Mexican pop music, design, and ballet celebrate our diversity.

“This homage to Juan Gabriel through ballet represents an appreciation of our culture and music,” said Carlos Velasco, Novle’s CEO. “We grew up singing Juan Gabriel’s songs. His repertoire is part of the soundtrack of our lives. Who hasn’t sung ‘Querida’ at a family gathering?”

Juan Gabriel, the Border Artist 

Juan Alberto Aguilera Valadez, later known as Juan Gabriel, was born on January 7th, 1950, in Parácuaro Michoacan, to a family of poor farmers. He moved as a child to Ciudad Juarez and lived in a boarding school for eight years until he escaped. In 1965, Aguilera debuted on the television show Noches Rancheras under the pseudonym of Adán Luna. The artistic name didn’t last long. He changed it to Juan Gabriel. Later, he started to work at the Bar Noa-Noa in Ciudad Juarez.

At a young age, he started composing music and became a struggling artist, often sleeping at bus stations. After a false imprisonment stint in Lecumberri, a warden introduced him to famous ranchero singer Queta Jimenez “La Prieta Linda.” Queta helped him in his career, connecting Juan Gabriel to RCA, the record company where he recorded his first hit, “No Tengo Dinero.”

From that moment, his career took off, becoming some of the most prolific Mexican composers and singers.

Juan Gabriel wrote around 1,800 songs. Among his most recognized songs are “Amor eterno”, “Querida”, “Yo no nací para amar”, “Hasta que te conocí“, “El Noa Noa”, “No tengo dinero“, “Abrázame muy fuerte“, “Te lo pido por favor”, “En esta primavera”, “Pero qué necesidad”, “Te sigo amando”, “Siempre en mi mente”, “De mí enamórate“, and “Lo pasado, pasado”, among others; performed by him and many other artists. 

In 1990 Juan Gabriel became the first non-classical act to perform at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City in support of the National Symphony Orchestra. This event was the first time songs and music of the pop idol performed in a classical setting. 

Juan Gabriel, “El Divo de Juarez,” sold 60 million records throughout his career.

He died in Santa Monica, California, in 2016, and his body returned to Mexico for tributes in El Palacio de Bellas Artes. Juan Gabriel is also an icon for LGTB+ communities. 

Ballet Arizona and the Community 

“We are very moved that an institution such as The Ballet Arizona will be performing Juan Gabriel songs and music. Ballet Arizona is reaching out to members of our community for support for the arts, specifically, this homage,” said Carlos Velasco, Novle CEO. 

“Our value proposition involves the direct work with community stakeholders to engage with them, thus connecting organizations and businesses with diverse audiences. Through collaboration, we make our clients stronger and help them to reach their goals of community outreach,” said Carlos Velasco. 

Ballet Arizona has a vital community component. The organization serves the people of Arizona through Education and Community Engagement programs, which touch the lives of more than 35,000 children each year.

Ballet Arizona believes that performance can change lives. It offers audiences and participants the opportunity to expand their imagination. Ballet Arizona takes them on a unique journey to a place where it has never been and allows the public to experience art in a way that surpasses words.

“We encourage our community to attend Juan Gabriel Ballet to support the arts, especially those significant to our border state,” said Carlos Velasco. “It is essential to experience how art overcomes any barrier, unifying our communities. I believe this innovative Juan Gabriel Ballet creates bridges of cultural appreciation at different levels and for all audiences.”

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