“In our industry, marketing agencies tend to own all of the key relationships that link community-minded organizations – like yours – to the latino community. We are here to change that.” – Carlos Velasco

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How do you authentically integrate with a community? You begin by moving within the circles where the right people are. This is where our work begins.

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Now we walk the walk. From strategic community sponsorships to in-kind contributions, this is where you solidify your commitment as a community partner.

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It’s time to activate your community partnerships. Together, we will develop signature initiatives designed to help you achieve your organization’s objectives.

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  • Novle - Consulting

    Let’s collaborate and bring clarity to your vision.

  • Novle - Strategy

    Develop and implement laser focused plans to activate customers into your brand.

  • Novle - Brading

    Develop a distinctive perception for your business that positions you to build credibility, trust and consistency in the marketplace.

  • Novle - Digital

    Activate your brand by telling your story with meaning and purpose.

  • Novle - Marketing

    People don’t know what they don’t know. Connect and activate with your audience in the right way.

  • Novle - Public Relations
    Public Relations

    Expand your organization’s brand in the community with targeted engagement and relationship builiding

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We know it’s not easy trying to reach a new audience, and when it comes to the Latino community, there are sensitivities and complexities to consider when developing an effective […]

Leading With Authenticity

Without a doubt, the best way to integrate with a community is to lead with authenticity. Let us help you bring your message to the right people, and the right […]

A Better Approach

Exposure is a tired and invasive method of marketing that is deprecated. It’s easy to do, seldom well received, and fails at generating lasting affinity. The days of writing a […]
  • NBAZ’s success in its outreach to the Latino small business community is in no small measure due to our collaborative efforts with NOVLE and its knowledge of this market. We are very pleased to partner with NOVLE in providing capital and financial solutions to the Latino business community in AZ.

    Marcos Garay
    Marcos Garay
    EVP, Director of Multicultural Banking
  • Partnering with Novle has been a wonderful relationship that has helped us understand how to streamline relationships with the Leadership in the Latino community.

    Mark Sollomi
    Mark Sollomi
    V.P. MassMutual Financial Group. - Arizona
  • Authentic, focus, and driven… the relationships we have formed with Local Latino organizations and leaders are directly contributed to our work and partnership with Novle.

    John Creighton - OnQ Financial
    John Creighton
    V.P. OnQ Financial.
  • Novle can help you to truly and authentically integrate into the community. Novle has help us broaden our reach within communities to reach a broader base.

    Kimber Lanning - CEO Local First Arizona
    Kimber Lanning
    CEO - Local First Arizona
  • By Partnering with Novle, we were able to elevate our brand within the communities we care to serve. Because we are now strongly positioned in our communities,we are set up for longevity with strong ROI and all while rooted in common values.

    Josh Nuñez
    Josh Nuñez
    President & CEO Nuñez Law Firm