We believe in positioning your brand for long-term success, meaningful ROI, and genuine connections with your customers. We specialize in engaging with multicultural communities, understanding their unique sensitivities to create marketing strategies that resonate. Our focus goes beyond mere growth; we forge authentic relationships that reflect your core values, turning satisfied customers into advocates for your brand.

Community Activators
Carlos L. Velasco


…and I am a community activator

My passion is to help organizations flourish by creating targeted marketing strategies that forge long-lasting relationships within multicultural communities. With over 18 years of experience, I’ve partnered with major brands, providing essential tools to communicate cross-cultural benefits, ensuring an impactful connection with your audience.

I specialize in bridging the gap between your vision, mission, products, and services, and the vibrant tapestry of multicultural communities. Through dynamic, innovative campaigns, we’ll not only reach your target audience but create meaningful engagements that endure. Join me in building bridges that matter, aligning your brand with authenticity and success.

Let’s Activate Together!

Our Principles

Our Principles

Our Mission

Vibrant communities committed to shared prosperity through inclusion, belonging, representation, and love.

We dedicate our resources to:

  • Delivering activations to connect with communities in meaningful ways.
  • Fostering collaborative environments through authentic connections with leaders and stakeholders.
  • Serving and advocating for causes that build vibrant communities.

Meet The Team

We are servant leaders committed and passionate about our clients, work, and community.

Carlos L. Velasco

Carlos L. Velasco

Founder & CEO

Nohemi Medina-Velasco

Nohemi Medina-Velasco

Vice President

Jacqueline Bosque-Díaz

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Aldo Aprile

Aldo Aprile

Aprile CPA

Ana Juarez

VP, Corporate Relations

Betsaida Arrizon

Director of Content and Communications

Edward Farris

Associate of Business Relations

Fabián Rodríguez

Content Director

Lisbeth Arescurenaga

Lisbeth Arescurenaga

Director of Community Relations

Marc Young

Marc Young

Creative Team

Mareli Aguiñiga

Creative Director