Genuine connections. Uninterrupted.

In our industry, marketing agencies tend to own all of the key relationships that link community-minded organizations — like yours — to the Latino community.

While this is great for the middle-agency, it is harmful to you and the community that you serve. It prevents genuine relationships from happening.

We are here to change that.

A better approach.

Exposure is a tired and invasive method of marketing that is deprecated. It’s easy to do, seldom well received, and fails at generating lasting affinity. The days of writing a check and “buying” your way into a community are over, let us show you a more effective and meaningful way of reaching the Latino community, we call it Integration.

Leading with authenticity.

Without a doubt, the best way to integrate with a community is to lead with authenticity. Let us help you bring your message to the right people, and the right groups, while simultaneously growing your circles of influence. Our work goes above and beyond marketing, we collaborate with you to leverage the power of the human element.

With you from start to finish.

We know it’s not easy trying to reach a new audience, and when it comes to the Latino community, there are sensitivities and complexities to consider when developing an effective engagement campaign. From segment education to strategy development and execution, we provide you with everything that you need to be successful.

How we help you.

We begin by discovering where your organization's values and objectives intersect with the real needs of the community. Then we develop a signature engagement strategy that helps you create awareness, credibility and activation.


How do you authentically integrate with a community? You begin by moving in the circles where the right people are. This is where our work begins.


Now we walk the walk. From strategic community sponsorships to in-kind contributions, this is where you solidify your commitment as a community partner.


It's time to activate your community partnerships. Together, we will develop signature initiatives designed to help you achieve your organization's objectives.

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Meet Carlos Velasco

Carlos has a passion for bringing good people together. 

With more than eleven years of relationship building experience, Carlos dedicates his time and know-how to helping business owners, corporate executives and non-profit organizations develop genuine relationships with the Latino community.

Carlos is a proud husband and father, a contagious autodidact, and a not-so-good golfer. He is also a graduate of the Hispanic Leadership Institute, a recipient of the 40 Under 40 Hispanic Leaders Award, and the Business Journal Diversity Champion Award. He was also a participant of the BALLE Fellowship.

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